A brand of Continental.

Drum brake shoes

Far above the standard

Perfectly protected thanks to powder coating

Accepting that low-priced products have low quality standards isn’t the way we do things at ATE. Even our drum brake shoes are powder coated – we always demand more from our own products than the automotive industry requires.

The top layer of the brake shoes

Brake shoes have to be tough – and powder coating makes our products even more resistant to corrosion.

Sheer quality, no gaps

We leave nothing to chance, achieving a particularly high level of shearing strength thanks to sealed adhesive joints and pad material that’s bonded over its entire surface – and no rust can take hold either.

Salty requirements

Our salt spray test shows how resistant ATE drum brake shoes are against corrosion!

Full power right from the off

Our brake shoes grip – the first time they’re applied, right from the off. That’s because they are radius-ground and perfectly adapted to our drum brakes.

Features & benefits

  • Increased rust protection thanks to powder coating
  • Optimal performance even for the first braking thanks to radius-ground brake shoes
  • Installation kit also available

Technical data

  • ECE R90-approved
  • Higher lining shear strength thanks to full-surface adhesive bonding
  • Sealed adhesive joint



Effortless – with ECE R90 homologation.

Available as a

TopKit in a complete set

for time-saving installation.


Available as a

TopKit in a complete set

for time-saving installation.