A brand of Continental.

Original brake pads

Performance that’s more than convincing

Special brake pads for special requirements

Why do we offer our customers 150 different pad compounds, every one of which is outstanding? It’s because we believe that each individual car model deserves the ideal brake pad, because average quality is just not enough when it comes to safety and, quite simply, because we CAN.

More is more

With 150 different pad compounds we have exactly the right product for every type of vehicle – and the best range for our customers.

Serial winner

Independent tests have confirmed the outstanding friction values of our brake pads, time and time again.

ATE sets standards

Our products naturally comply with all the provisions of the ECE regulations – and our much stricter tests ensure that we exceed these regulation requirements.


It’s the special compounds of materials that do it

We want to offer our customers the best mix of materials on the market. That’s why our production is geared to turning out the highest possible quality, from the first step to the last.

Our brakes don’t “break” the silence!

ATE brakes should be felt and not heard. That’s why we equip our products with underlayers and noise damping sheets to minimise noise during braking.


Our customers can totally rely on us. We ensure easy tracing in the event of a guarantee claim.



Thanks to OE quality

Quality features

  • Full braking power instantly – no fading with ATE
  • Low heat transmission prevents pedal failure
  • Optimum comfort behaviour – avoids squeal and judder
  • Extensive coverage: > 97% in most European countries
  • Accessory sets for front and rear axles and contact warning systems matching various makes and models are often included in the brake pad package for problem-free installation in your workshop.

Technical Data

  • ATE brand quality – reap the benefits of years of experience
  • ECE R90 standard – ATE exceeds this test specification
  • Uniform product labelling – simple tracing in guarantee cases
  • Current product range
  • For all types of vehicles

Product recommendation

For ATE Original brake pads, we recommend
Original brake discs by ATE. 

Or should it be a bit more sporty? Then the
ATE PowerDisc is also a strong partner.