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Brake drums

Quality of this standard is essential

Superb material, problem-free installation

We set high standards for our customers. Every product we ship must have the renowned ATE quality standards – and our brake drums are no exception.

The fact that we offer them for nearly all makes of vehicle and always make sure that they are simple and safe to install is a matter of course for us.

Tough on the outside, warm on the inside

We have developed an optimal surface roughness for the friction surfaces of our brake drums, so they can be run in very fast – and their outstanding thermal conductivity also provides stable friction values.

Cast to perfection

Our brake drums are made of high-quality material with cast-iron quality and have a homogeneous structure.

All-round accuracy

We’re really fussy when it comes to true-running accuracy. That’s why we make sure that the dimensional tolerances are as “tight as a drum” – the cylindricity amounts to a maximum of 5 per 100 mm!

100% passed

All the functional dimensions of the ATE brake drums are subjected to a 100% examination during production. So we don’t miss even the smallest detail.

Original with OE wheel bearing

ATE brake drums are available for models with integrated wheel bearings – the same that are offered by car manufacturers.

No corners, no edges

We want to make installation as easy and as safe as possible for our customers – and that’s why there are no sharp edges on our brake drums.

One glance... yes, it’s ATE!

If you have to look for a while, it’s not an ATE product. Our products can be identified quickly and clearly thanks to their standardised imprints.

Features & benefits

  • High-grade quality cast-iron with homogeneous structure
  • Fast retraction of the drum ensured thanks to optimal roughness of the friction surface
  • Stable friction values thanks to efficient thermal conductivity
  • Numerous drums with preassembled wheel bearings and accessories available
  • Coated brake drums added to the product range – these offer excellent corrosion resistance and time-saving installation

Technical Data

  • Tight shape and positional tolerances ensure a high degree of accuracy
  • Max. cylindricity 5/100 mm

Into the future with ECE!

with ECE R90 homologation


Tightening torques for ATE brake drums with wheel bearing